Monster House

Director: Gil Kenan

Starring: Steve Buscemi, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jason Lee, Nick Cannon, Kathleen Turner

There is a long list this year, not one that the jolly fat man is making. Not one that Sky News is currently compiling. Not one of the underachievement’s of the Irish football team. It’s a list of animated movies that is so long I’ve decided to write this waffle instead of it. Some were good, Cars for example, and some were lazy. But one stood out from the rest. One that has not been seen since the excellent Incredibles. That movie is Monster House.

Mr Nebbercracker owns a dirty stinky old gaff. He’s a miserable so-and-so and has a strong dislike for the kiddies of the neighbourhood. He steals toys and bikes and generally screams his Gollum like head off at anyone who dares to touch his lawn. But when he collapses from a heart attack DJ and his pal Chowder (what a great name) notice something weird about the house. It’s alive and trying to eat people.

After enlisting the help of a snooty girl they embark on a mission to kill the house by quenching its heart. This is when the movie kicks off into a frenzy of excitement and non-stop adventure. With the house looking pretty terrifying they brave the peril and uncover the secrets behind this awful abode.

Unlike a lot of grown-up movies Monster House is both engaging and funny in equal measure. While you won’t howl with laughter you will definitely snigger quite a bit. And when it comes to the climax you should be on the edge of your seat. Some minor problems would be the lack of development on certain characters, but this really is minor, and perhaps something to look forward to in a sequel.

There are some top-notch animated capers, and this is at the top of the league, holding position with the likes of Toy Story 2 or The Incredibles. With superb graphics, script, cast, jokes, scares and thrills (I could add more but see it for yourself) it really is unmissable.  Oh, and before you go there, it’s about a house gone wild and not a clothes shop on High St, Kilkenny.



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