Nacho Libre

Director: Jared Hess

Starring: Jack Black, Peter Stormare

Jack Black is a man of many talents. He has been plying his pudgy faced comedy for years, with smaller parts in movies like High Fidelity before breaking into his own in movie like School of Rock. Even his band is enjoying great success, its beginning to seem like Black is the new black.

This time Black plays Nacho (apt because he looks like a man with a fondness for nachos), a cook that lives in a monastery and dreams of becoming a famous wrestler. He wants to impress pretty nun Sister Encarnacion and earn a bit to help out the poor kiddies that reside there. And so he dons some Lycra and a Burt Reynolds moustache and beats the hell out of some Mexicans.

Nacho Libre is a funny movie, playing slapstick to good effect, with Black in a trademark performance. But that’s the problem, it seems like he’s just playing himself with a Spanish accent. The jokes grow a little tired and clichéd, how many times can watching Black bashing into the canvas be funny?

Hess directed Napoleon Dynamite, a movie hurtling towards cult status, and infinitely funnier than Nacho Libre. It’s a bit of a loss that he wasn’t more adventurous here, settling for fart jokes rather than attempting to do something a little more unusual. Adding to the disappointment is the fact that the writer of this movie is Mike White, the man behind School of Rock. It would seem that adding these 3 forces together would create a chemical reaction that would turn lead into gold. But it’s more like crisp sandwiches, some people like them some don’t (like me).

This movie seems like a wasted opportunity, with such talent it should have been one of the comedy highlights of the year. Still though fans of the eyebrow contorting fatman should get a few kicks out of it, if only for seeing Black in super tight pants.



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