Director: Nick Love

Starring: Sean Bean, Danny Dyer

Director Nick Love is a fan of the seedy side of British culture. He is a fan of violence and the British thirst for it. The Business (which was pretty awful) and Football Factory were ample on thuggery and filled with violent beatings and twangy London accents. So it’s nothing unusual that he would follow he’s passion with his latest release, Outlaw.

Bryant (Bean) has finished his tour of duty in Iraq. He arrives to a country that he sees as wildly different from the place he remembers. Louts have taken over the asylum. When he checks into a hotel he meets Sean Harris (Simon Hillier), an utterly mad security man with a penchant for violence. They make for a strange couple, but both feel that something needs to be done, and done so with violence.

Soon other men with the same feelings about society and their weak role in it, and gravitate toward Byrant. One is cheeky London chappie Gene Dekker (Dyer), who is sick of being bullied by work mates and thugs. With his cocked eye and over emphasised accent he joins the crusade, and soon the group are making headline news for their violent attacks on the scum of society.

Oddly, Love is quite restraint on the violence in Outlaw. Yes, there is some very violent acts taking place, but he did cut some major fight scenes. Although it will have an effect on the people that love Football Factory or Green Street scraps, it does allow for more of an exploration in the minds of people who feel helpless against the attacks against them by mindless hooligans.

While Bean’s role as Bryant is spot on the money, the main problem arises with Dyers character. He just doesn’t fit. His reasons for being there are weak, and his part in the proceedings seems be a device in which Danny Dyer can do his best London “innit geeza” impression. Though it doesn’t hamper the overall impact, it is extra weight that doesn’t need to be carried.

Love’s output is definitely improving, and even though Outlaw is messy in parts it its job quite well. The issues dealt with are topical and treated so. It begs the question what will love do next? I would say angry mobs at bingo.



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